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    Sino kina Alec, JaiJoj, Karen, Myrtle, Roy at Ryan ang gusto niyong mapabilang sa Teen Big 4?

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    1. toots121212 answered: kambal!
    2. cutemeann answered: VOTE AKO KAY ROY ?
    3. bodithalesmeshoho123456 answered: roy
    4. shinchan225 answered: ROY FOR THE BIG WiNNER !!
    5. territorysweetheart answered: Myrtle
    6. alanakyleee answered: BB ROY, BB JAIJOJ
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    8. roant15 answered: I want karen jaijoi roy and alec
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    10. iamjmestrevillo answered: myrtle
    11. idealixtic answered: Myrtoll
    12. kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim answered: Karen
    13. bhietoots11 answered: Joj and Jai
    14. crayon-universe answered: Jaijoj
    15. chanchanchani answered: Myrtle
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    17. privateapl answered: Roy
    18. imjarelie09 answered: Myrtle
    19. justanotherfandomanon answered: BB JAIJOJ
    20. lizzyliz014 answered: Roy, Jai / Joj, Alec and …
    21. futurenurselei answered: Alec, JaiJoj, Roy, Karen
    22. stephmendoza answered: Karen, roy, ryan, kambal
    23. sleepisfortheweak07 answered: karen for big four
    24. pamelaholmes answered: Ryan, Roy, Alec, and Joj&Jai.
    25. emanightowl answered: Paano nga po ulit mag vote?
    26. territorysweetheart answered: Myrtle
    27. ymaskris answered: joj and jai..
    28. thecarlomagtaas answered: BIG 4: Joj & Jai, Alec, Myrtle and…. undecided xD
    29. fyeahkarenreyes answered: KAREN. :)
    30. ov3rprotected answered: karen!
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